The band was formed in December 2005 in Ostrołęka. Its founders are two musicians from Ostrołęka: a vocalist- Maciek Rochaczewski and a bass player- Włodzimierz Małaszek, alias Włodas. They are the ones who assembled the new group. It turned out that founding of the band resulted from the break-up of two other music bands from Ostrołęka. The bandłs present name, Empatic, was adopted from one of those groups. We are looking forward to any proposals from concerts organizers.


  • Date
  • 23/02/2018
    Two concerts as a support ACID DRINKERS : 23.02 Bydgoszcz 'Estrada' , 24.02. Gdynia 'Ucho'
  • 17/12/2017
    The band release new single called 'NIEWINNY', heralding third album
  • 10/03/2017
    First concert with the new line up as a support HUNTER band : 10.03 Białystok 'Zmiana Klimatu'
  • 21/02/2017
    Major member changes has been made in EmpatiC. The guitarist Przemysław Cikacz is replaced by Radosław Chrzanowski (Manipulation)
  • 03/12/2016
    The band begins drums recording in Łożma for new single heralding their third album
  • 14/05/2016
    Once again EmpatiC play a gig at Terrasound Festival 14.05.2016 Vien/Austria
  • 13/02/2016
    X anniversary of the group - 13.02.2016 Ostrołęka 'Akademia Smaku'
  • 10/10/2015
    The band hits the road on their another tour - 'Ruined Ecstasy Tour 2015' together with Manipulation and Aterra
  • 16/02/2015
    Album 'Ruined Landscape' is on the sixth place of 2014 Summary organized by Polish Metal Society!!!
  • 08/09/2014
    Another official video to 'Oblivion Path' song from Ruined Landscape album
  • 23/08/2014
    The band performes again at "Metalowa Twierdza" festival in Nysa
  • 11/04/2014
    The second album 'Ruined Landscape' appears as a release of "Terrasound Rec." publishing
  • 16/10/2013
    The band begins recording their second album in 'SB' studio in Ostroleka
  • 27/08/2013
    The next foreign gig 27.07.2013 at 'Immortal Sphere Festival' Mehrzweckhalle/Switzerland
  • 19/10/2012
    The performance at third edition 'OD NOWA METAL FEST' in Toruń right next to TSA, MECH, BUTELKA , ISME
  • 05/10/2012
    "Misanthropy Autumn 2012 Tour" together with Pandemonium , Embrional, Hellspawn and Neyra
  • 18/09/2012
    The performance in 'Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw' Club with Virgin Snatch and Thermit.
  • 16/08/2012
    Major member changes has been made in Empatic. The guitarist Jakub Bednarski is replaced by Piotr Kain Kołakowski (Neyra, Violent Creed), and instead of Jarosław Sliwka (the drummer) Krzysztof Bednarowicz (Manipulation, Sinhead) came back to the band
  • 16/04/2012
    Once again EmpatiC play a gig at Terrasound Festival 16.04.2012 Vien/Austria
  • 11/02/2012
    Another concert abroad , this time in Banska Bystrica/Slovakia
  • 21/01/2012
    Two concerts at 'Covan Wake the Fuck Up' Tour, in 'Progresja'club in Warsaw and 'Andergrand' club in Olsztyn next to :Hunter, Virgin Snatch, Corruption, Thy Disease , Masachist i Made Of Hate
  • 20/01/2012
    European premiere of 'Gods of thousand souls' editor: Terrasound Records (Austria),distribution Twilight(Germany)
  • 16/12/2011
    First official video to VS song from Gods Of Thousand Souls
  • 30/07/2011
    The next foreign gig 30.07.2011 at 'Immortal Sphere Festival' Mehrzweckhalle/Switzerland
  • 04/06/2011
    For the third time EmpatiC as the hosts of 'OstFest' festival
  • 15/05/2011
    The performance at WACKEN METAL BATTLE POLAND 2011 next to Leash Eye, The Sixpounder i Chainsaw
  • 22/04/2011
    One more time EmpatiC perform outside their country - 22 April, 2011 Vienna/Austria
  • 04/03/2011
    The band on their third tour, this time with FRONTSIDE
  • 16/02/2011
    'Gods of Thousand Souls' released in electronic format by 'Terrasound Records' from Austria. Since then, the album has been available all over the world thanks to www.amazon.com and www.itunes.apple.com
  • 16/01/2011
    'Gods of Thousand Souls' distributed to shops by Fonografika
  • 10/12/2010
    The debut album 'Gods Of Thousand Souls' appears as a release of "Psycho" publishing
  • 16/10/2010
    Recorded material goes to Tomek Zalewski (mix and mastering)
  • 16/09/2010
    Maciej's vocal recorded in 'EMKA' studio in Przasnysz
  • 05/06/2010
    2nd edition of 'OstFest' festival; Pandemonium as a headliner
  • 22/04/2010
    Mini tour "Decoding Existence 2010" with Existing Threat (GB) in Ireland
  • 13/11/2009
    'Murder Code Tour 2009' together with Neurothing
  • 16/09/2009
    The band begins recording electric and bass guitars for their first album in 'SB' studio in Ostroleka
  • 21/08/2009
    The band performes as headliner at "Metalowa Twierdza" festival in Nysa
  • 18/07/2009
    Performance at the 2nd reactivated edition of S'trasch'ydlo in Ciechanow right next to VIRGIN SNATCH, DEAD INFECTION, THE DAMNATION (GERMANY), ALASTOR, CORRUPTION etc.
  • 06/06/2009
    First edition of a mini-festival 'OstFest' organized by our bassist, Włodas; FRONTSIDE performes as a headliner
  • 16/05/2009
    A new drummer - Jarosław Sliwka joins the band
  • 16/03/2009
    Krzysztof Bendarowicz leaves the band; a few important concerts are called off out of the necessity
  • 12/12/2008
    The band hits the road on their first 'Heads Reaping Tour 2008' together with Belarusian Deathbringer
  • 16/10/2008
    The band begins recording drums for their first album in "Zed" studio in Olkusz, under the supervision of Tomek Zalewski
  • 20/11/2007
    Former drummer Piotr Kinalski leaves the band and he's replaced with Krzysztof Bendarowicz (Manipulation)
  • 10/11/2007
    First real concert outside Ostroleka - 'Panzerfest II' in Warsaw, next to HATE and CRIONICS
  • 31/01/2007
    The band's first concert at 'Zgrzyty' festival in Bialystok
  • 26/01/2007
    At their own expense the band releases their official CD "Promo 2007" (500 pieces)
  • 01/11/2006
    Recording session of 'Promo 2007' in 'SB' Studio in Ostroleka
  • 01/12/2005
    The band's first rehearsal.